Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to smoke rose petal pre-rolls? 

Yes, but only if the roses are sourced from an organic farm. 99.99% of all roses in the world are sprayed with dangerous chemicals. This is because most roses are used for decoration, not consumption. When smoking, it’s even more important that you don’t consume chemicals. We take a great deal of pride in our rose farm. Our farm uses natural funguses to fight disease, and predatory spiders for insects. If you would like more information about the organic practices of our farm, send us an message using this form.

  • How is a rose cone different than a regularly paper pre-roll? 

Regular paper pre-rolls add no flavor to your smoke, and burn quite quickly. Our rose cones burn almost 2x as slow! This is because the external wrap is much thicker. This causes the ember to burn at a lower temperature, increasing the terpene profile of your cannabis, and from the roses. In addition, the slower burn time results in a PERFECT even burn, every time.  

  • How long do they last? What is the best way to store a rose cone? 

If stored in their manufacturing packaging (with their 2-way humidity packs) in a cool dark place our rose petal cones last over 2 years! We have noticed the terpene profile decreases after the first year, but color and texture stay intact for years! If you expose your rose cones to the open air for too long, the petals will dry out and begin to crack. This is why we recommend filling them immediately after opening. 

  • How do you fill a rose petal pre-roll & close the tip? 

We recommend using a Futurola/Bump-box or similar Knockbox. This is the largest advantage of using a 109mm rose cone vs other shapes + sizes. The labor associated with filling our rose cones is minimal. To close the tip we recommend a Dutch fold. If you want to see an example of a dutch fold, click here. 

  • Can you put a rose cone out after its lit? 

Yes, just like a regular cones you can put them out mid-session. We recommend either cutting the ember off with a pair of scissors, or allowing the joint to naturally extinguish its self. If you put your rose cone out by crushing the ember you will increase the flavor of resin when it is relit. 

Joshua Hamilton Enterprises LLC

Joshua Hamilton Enterprises LLC