How to make your own rose petal wrap

What you need:

  • Organic Rose Petals
  • CBD oil
  • 180 proof alcohol
  • Parchment Paper
  • Napkins or Paper towels
  • Small paint brush
  • Large book


At any step, you can refer to this video for help


Petal Selection

First you must remove the outer most petals from the flower. These 3-4 outer petals have been exposed to the elements and usually will be much thicker and textured than the inner petals. Once the outer 3-4 petals has been removed, carefully pluck the remaining petals. Stop plucking the petals when they get so small that they are curved! The really curved small petals will be much harder to work with. 

How to make a rose petal joint



Prepping the Petals

Now you will need your large book, parchment paper and napkins. Open the book and place a napkin inside. Next place a piece of parchment paper on top of the napkin. Now you will begin placing the rose petals on the parchment paper. Once the paper is full, place a piece of parchment paper on top of the petals, and then another napkin.

NOTE: It is important the petals do not touch, and are all facing the same way up. Roses have a hydrophobic membrane, this membrane makes water diffuse at different rates, so make sure the are all facing the same way.

How to make a rose petal wrap



Pressing the Petals Day - 1

Fill up as many pages as you like, making sure to sandwich the petals between two layers of parchment paper and napkins. Now, the hard part is done! It's time to press the book, so find something heavy and place it on your book, and wait 24 hours!

This is what your rose petals should look like after 24 hours. 

The easiest way to make your own rose petal joint




Pressing the Petals Day - 2

Inspect every layer of petals and replace any napkins that feel damp. Repress your petals for 24 hours. 

This is what your rose petals should look like after 48 hours. Notice how they can now be stretched without tearing. 

The best way to roll a rose petal joint



Pressing the Petals - Day 3

Inspect every layer of petals and replace any napkins that feel damp. Repress your petals for 24 hours. Final press!

This is what your rose petals should look like after 72 hours. Notice how dark they are, this is how we know most of the water has evaporated from the rose petals. Remove all black edges with a pair of kitchen scissors. 

How to roll up with rose petals



Dissolving CBD oil 

Now, you will need your CBD oil & 180 proof alcohol. Using the cap of a water bottle, mix together a little bit of CBD oil, and alcohol. It is important you use ATLEAST 150 proof, we want to add as little extra water back into the petals as possible. Once the solution has been mixed entirely, and there is no solid pieces of CBD in the mixture, you are ready for the next step.


Binding the Petals Together

Now it is time to select 3-4 petals per wrap, and begin painting the CBD solution on the edges of the rose petals, about 1/2 inch over lapping. It is important to use a lot of CBD in this step to ensure the wraps are held together well. For this step, I would recommend watching this section of our video.

Once you have made the rose wrap to the size you like, it is time for the final press. Sandwich the rose wrap the same way as before, but this time make sure to only put 2 wraps per page.

NOTE: It is important too minimize the amount of water on each sheet, that way the alcohol dissolves faster. 

After a 2-4 hour press check the wrap to make sure the petals hold together well. If they need more time to dry, check back in 4-8 hours. This step requires an attentive eye, as everyone's rose petals will dry at slightly different speeds.


Rolling your wrap up

Once your rose wrap is dry, and looks something like this, it is time to paint a line of CBD along the top edge of your wrap. Let this air dry until it becomes tacky, this should take about 20 minutes. Now you are ready to roll your rose wrap up, just as you would any other type of wrap. 

How to roll with rose petals


Tips for smoking

Because the rose petals still contain some water (that is where the terpenes are) it will take longer to light. We like to light our rose cones similarly to how cigars are lit. Rotate the rose joint, while torching with a lighter from a distance. Once the entire perimeter of the rose cone is lit, begin puffing. This first puff will be the tastiest, so enjoy!


If this all seems a little complicated, don't worry. We have been making pre-rolled rose wraps for 4 years! All of our rose cones are double vacuum sealed so the moisture that holds the rose flavor is preserved in every puff! Our products contain zero CBD or cannabis products, and can be shipped world wide.


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