What is a Cannagar?

What is a Cannagar?

A cannagar is a pre-roll made entirely of cannabis, wrapped in cannabis leaves instead of hemp papers. While there is some debate among cannagar rollers as to what constitutes a cannagar versus a “gar” or “hempgar,” the generally accepted definition is a 100% cannabis pre-roll wrapped in cannabis leaves.

At Hamilton Cannagars, we believe that a cannagar doesn't necessarily have to use oil. While some prefer to use oil, we find that cannagars without oil burn cooler and are more manageable as a personal smoke in terms of total THC content.

Terpene-Enhanced Cannagar Alternatives to THC

We also carry hemp-filled cannagars that contain less than 0.3% THC. Infused with terpenes, these cannagars are meant to be used more as traditional cigars and are moderately intoxicating. Anyone could go about their day after consuming them.

How Does a Cannagar Differ from a Traditional Cigar in Overall Experience?

Weighing up to ten grams, some cannabis cigars are exclusively consumed by high-volume smokers or at events/parties. While a cigar smoker could certainly enjoy the flavors and quality of smoke a THC-free hemp cannagar has to offer, anyone who doesn’t consume cannabis regularly would be at odds with a large cannagar!

How Are Hamilton Cannagars Unique in Regards to Rolling Techniques and Product Inside?

At Hamilton Cannagars, we do not use a skewer in any of our cannagars. Instead, we make a cannabis leaf shell and then load it with ground product. In Oregon, we use organically grown Bull Run Craft Cannabis. We selected Bull Run Craft Cannabis because they have the best-tasting weed on the block. Loading a shell ensures the flower is fresh and avoids the chance of growing mold when in contact with wet leaves, as performed in the traditional Thai-stick skewer method.

How Long Does It Take to Burn the Typical Cannagar, and How Much Product Is in Each?

A 2-gram cannagar can be smoked in as little as 15 minutes if everyone puts in their best effort. Larger cannagars with oil can easily burn for 2 hours with a massive crowd. Similar to cigars, it is all about the style and intent!

How Is a Cannagar Supposed to Be Smoked, and Do We Use the Same Lighting and Cutting Techniques as a Cigar?

Unlike a cigar, after you pack your shells, lighting them is super easy. Just rotate it while lighting from a distance and puffing, then repeat. You won't need the clippers that we include with your kit.

What If We Need to Take a Break Halfway? Can We Relight Our Cannagar?

You can cut it or let it go out, but do not “snuff” it out, as that causes a loss in flavor.

What Is the Proper Cannagar Storage in Regards to Humidity and Temperature, etc.?

The proper storage for a cannagar is 65% at 62°F.

What Does Hamilton Cannagar Do Differently Than Other Cannagar Companies on the Market?

At Hamilton Cannagar, we do not use a skewer, which improves flavor and eliminates the hot spot associated with traditional cannagars. While in the R&D phase, we once shared a competitor's cannagar and one of ours on a smoking tour bus to get feedback. The number one thing people brought up was the chance of burning their lips. This is why a lot of cannagar companies elect to use a wooden mouthpiece, but while that may prevent the smoke from burning you, it DOES NOT undo the terpene destruction that took place by super heating the smoke.

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