Since 2016 it has been our prerogative to reduce cannabis cigar prices, while simultaneously improving product functionality. “To aid in the evolution of the cannabis cigar.” Our respect and dedication to this project stems from our desire to encourage communal cannabis consumption. Similar to cigars and alcohol; cannabis is best enjoyed with friends!
We continually make progress reducing prices, and improving quality. Driven by our unwavering dedication to product development - our motto is "There is always room for improvement." By innovating new technologies, tools, and techniques we have developed a 100% cannabis/hemp cigar manufacturing process that is conducive for commercial production. We take pride in making the highest quality Cannagar Shells on the market – available at the lowest price.

At Hamilton we have revolutionized the cannabis cigar by creating a “packable” rose or hemp leaf pre-roll shell. Instead of wrapping leaves around a core of cannabis; hemp leaves are dried, cured and set in a mold. This makes loading our Cannagar Shells with ground product & concentrate easy and cost effective.
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