Founded in 2016 in St. Helens Oregon by Joshua Hamilton, we began as a medical marijuana company. As our products evolved towards hemp, our goal has remained the same - to aid in the evolution of the cannabis cigar;  with the intention to make them available at a lower cost. We have achieved this by Innovating new technologies to improve product quality and manufacturing capacity. We take pride in creating the highest quality cannagar shells on the market, at the lowest price.
At Hamilton we have revolutionized the cannabis cigar by creating a “packable” leaf shell. Instead of having to wrap leaves around a core of cannabis; the leaves are dried, cured and set in a mold. This makes loading the cannagar shell with ground product & concentrate quite easy(using the “tap-and-pack method” commonly used with regular pre-rolls). Each cannagar is accompanied with a Spiral corn husk filter™ which acts as a crutch preventing ground product from falling out.
All of our "packable" shells are easy to load at home, or on the go. The leaves are ODA hemp - meaning they have passed federal threshold testing which deems them legal for international trade and shipping. Each cannagar shell is accompanied with a Spiral Corn Husk Filter-tip™ which acts as a crutch preventing ground herb from falling out.  
If you any questions or comments we would love to here from you below.