Founded in 2016 in St. Helens, Oregon by Joshua Hamilton, we began as a medical marijuana company. As our products shifted towards hemp, our goal has remained the same - to aid in the evolution of the cannabis cigar in order to make them available at a lower cost. Innovating new technologies to improve product quality and manufacturing capacity, we take pride in creating the highest quality cannagar shells on the market, while providing a cheaper alternative to traditional “Thai-stick" cannagars. 
We make a "packable" hemp leaf shell - that you can load at home. The leaves are ODA hemp - meaning they have passed federal threshold testing which deems them legal for international trade. Each cannagar shell is accompanied with a Spiral Corn Husk Filter-tip™ which acts as a crutch preventing the ground product from falling out. The filter prevents the classic "hot lips" problem that most skewer-molded cannagars create when smoking.